To develop

tailor-made education programmes to prepare nurses to meet the changing health care needs of renal patients.


To provide

continuing nursing education programmes that are responsive to the needs of renal nurses and meet their competency requirements.


To collaborate

and work in partnership with local and overseas institution / universities in programmes delivery regarding renal nursing training.

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE)

The core purpose of continuing nursing education in renal care is to ensure competent nursing practice in the field of renal services.

Continuing nursing education is a dynamic and ongoing process which facilitates personal and professional development of an individual to meet the changing needs of the society. It aims to prepare nurses to be competent in providing high quality and cost-effective nursing services. Every qualified nurse is responsible for the planning and realization of his / her own continuing education and professional development. All renal nurses should be accountable for their own practice and be responsible for ensuring their competency in fulfilling the evolving roles and functions for which they are entrusted.

It is one of the means through which members of the public or employers are satisfied that nurses have the necessary qualifications for the delivery of safe and effective nursing practice. It is also through such process that nurses are able to sustain public recognition.

It is important that following the initial preparation for registration or enrolment, nurses should continue to update and develop their knowledge and skills through continuing education as healthcare work is influenced continually by advances in sciences and technologies, re-organization of resources, or changing demographics and societal needs. Nursing education is a continues that does not end with registration or enrolment. It continues as a life long process and is fundamental in the regulation of the profession.

CNE – Renal Nursing

Continuing Nursing Education in renal nursing is defined as any post-basic / post-graduate educational, knowledge and skills updating which is renal nursing specific or healthcare related.

CNE Points

1 CNE point

Each hour of a learning activity

5 CNE point

Principal researcher in one completed research project with publication in health care related journals.

2 CNE point

Co-researcher in one completed research project with publication in health care related journals.

2 CNE point

Author / co-author of published article in health care related journal.

Max CNE pts

Sole author of a published book on nursing and / or health care related areas.

10 CNE points

Co-author / editor of a published book on nursing and / or health care related areas.

1 CNE points

Any 3-hour clinical practicum structured visit to hospital or health care institution.

1 CNE points

Each presentation in health care related scientific conference / seminar / approved nursing courses. [Excluding those lecture / presentation that are part of a full-time educator’s job expectation]

Hong Kong Association of Renal Nurse is accredited as a provider of Continuing Nursing Education by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong for the period from 13 June 2023 to 12 June 2026