Words from the President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is my greatest honor to be elected as the President of the Hong Kong Association of Renal Nurses (HKARN) 2021 to 2023. First of all, I would like to send my heartfelt thank you to all our dearest members, honorary advisors, partners and sponsors for all their long lasting support in the past.

HKARN has been established as a non-profit making professional organization since 21st April 2007. Our full members are practicing in renal care, or in the management, teaching or research of renal field. HKARN also welcome other healthcare professionals to join as associate members if they show an interest in renal care but do not meet the requirements for full membership. As reported in last AGM on 12th September 2021, the total number of all the members were 736. Our mission is to strive for renal nursing practice advancement and better patient outcomes enhancement. The key objectives of HKARN are to provide high quality education opportunities to our members by organizing education seminars and sponsoring them to attend local or overseas conferences or training programs; to promote standard evidence based renal nursing practice; to contribute in a healthy development of renal nursing in Hong Kong. Furthermore, HKARN also collaborates with other health –related organizations in different aspects, for example, to promote kidney health to the public; renal patients’ rehabilitation and organ donations etc.


Since year of 2019, the pandemic of COVID-19 has tremendously affected the whole world, our social and working patterns have changed greatly. During this difficult period of time, HKARN has been adopting the “New Normal” pattern to maintain most of our key functions by virtual or hybrid mode and resulted with satisfactory feedback and attendance rate. As general believe, COVID-19 will continue to affect us for a while, but I can make a promise to all of our members that HKARN council will overcome all the difficulties to continue meeting the missions and objectives.

In order to improve our work, members’ feedback and encouragement are much appreciated. I would like to invite you to visit our homepage and contact us at the email address for any issues related to us: 

[email protected]

李潔芬 Maggie Lee

Organization Structure

Below is the organisational chart that depicts the provider unit’s line of authority and organizational communication within the organization as a whole as well as within the provider unit’s line.

council member
Organization chart